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#HOMOSAPIENS - by Steve Starr

25th February - 7th March 2020

The #homosapiens exhibition pursues an interrogation of the human body as a ‘site’ of intimacy. Starr’s works revisit the Sexual Revolution of the 1970s, 80s and 90s that critiqued gender roles, gender politics and gender stereotyping.


This interrogation is timely because the cultural and attitudinal backslide into deeply entrenched conservatism has occurred over the last two decades. This has manifested a ‘toxic gaze’ of poisonous judgment and criticism of people’s appearance and behaviour.


The series draws upon the Sexual Revolution, the LGBTQI Rights movement and the ‘pro-sex’ feminists of the early 1980s, their staunch anti-censorship/ freedom of choice ethos and their fearless and unashamed portrayal of the human body.


The #homosapiens series is sensual, defiant and sexually provocative. We all interact with lovers and friends on various personal and intimate levels. The models who inspired these works during a photoshoot in the between the early 1980s and 2000’s are Starr’s long-time friends. #homosapiens captures their strength, defiance and powerfully provocative male & feminine sexuality.

BRILLANT GREEN collaborative exhibition by Zoe Sernack & Nastia Gladushchenko

12th December to 21st December 2019

A very unique and special exhibition about trust, letting go of control and adaptability. AND PLANTS, many many plants. 

Each artist has started a work and the other will finish it off with their own style. 

Not to be missed.


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Tony Sernack - Photographer

Tony Sernack is a professional free-lance photographer for the New York Times and The International Herald who travels the world capturing the essence of different environments and the people in who inhabitat them.

Kristy Yang-Illustrator

Sydney based graphic designer Kristy Yang has a special love for typography, print design and illustration. Some of her exqusite fine pencil illustrations have been translated beautifully into tattoos.

Instagram: @moskowky

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